2023 Junior Player Entry Form 

(Only for boys and girls aged 10 to 16 with a handicap index of 25 or less.  First come first served,

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Player Terms and Conditions

By pressing "Parent and Player Accept the Terms and Conditions" button below, you agree to the following:

i) Player will abide by the George Chiu Golf Classic (GCGC) Tournament Rules and Regulations

ii) Information of parent and player provided above is correct and accurate.  Inaccurate information provided such as age, may lead to disqualification.

iii) Parent and player understand that registration is subject to availability on a "first come first serve" basis.  

iv) I, the Parent of the player hereby waive, release and hold harmless the George Chiu Golf Classic Tournament, its executives, committee members, volunteer, employees, as well as the Lionhead Golf and Country Club and its employees from any liability resulting from injury or loss through my participation in this event.  
I, the Parent hereby give my permission to allow my child's name, photographs and tournament results to be released to the press/media and allow this information to be posted on the official George Chiu Golf Classic website including any articles resulting in his/her success.

v) A GCGC representative will contact Parent using provided information above to verify the following information:
a) Player's Handicap
b) Parental Consent for Player to participate in the GCGC Tournament

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Parental Consent

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Website: www.georgechiugolfclassic.com
2 power carts per group, Junior players must hold a Ontario class G full licence to operate the power cart. Parent can allow volunteer to drive the power cart, only total of 2 person per cart including the driver, so Junior players must take turn to walk. Parent do not allow to give advice during course of play.
Will you have someone to be the volunteer as powercart chauffeur?
If yes please provide name:
Date Of Birth